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Immerse yourself in silence.

“One of the first things on arrival in Siwa which delights and rests the eye, after the glare of the desert, is the blue stretch of the salt lakes, seen through the date groves.’- “From Cairo to Siwa Across the Libyan Desert with Armoured-Cars.”

Major T.I. Dunn, 1933

Drive, walk, play or dine in the rolling dunes of the Great Sand Sea.

“Not half a hundred voyagings for gold, Could make me rich, as many times I’ve been,When, weary eyed, I’ve watched the dawn unfold, And spread soft radiance, O’er a desert scene.”

G.F.F. to A.M.H in ‘the Lost Oasis.’

Experience pure water flowing from the heart of the earth.

Horseback Riding - Upon request.

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